James Thompson and Jesse Webb turned the vape market on its head, challenging the status quo at every step along the way. Mt Baker Vapor changed the game by offering exemplary customer service, quality products at competitive prices, and fast shipping.

It all started with James Thompson an aspiring entrepreneur, was working as a dealer in a high-stakes poker tournament. A man approached the table puffing an electronic cigarette, which piqued James’s curiosity. As a longtime smoker with three children, James knew it was time for a change.

James saw enormous potential in electronic cigarettes and identified a niche in the fledgling American vaping market. “I started because I loved electronic cigarettes...They were new and exciting to learn about. I quickly realized how important this invention could be to improving people’s lives.”

In 2011, James joined forces with Jesse Webb to form Mt Baker Vapor. Jesse was a fellow card dealer at the casino, who brought his business acumen and affable personality to the company. With a pioneering spirit, an innovative business philosophy, and a lot of heart, Mt Baker Vapor began in Washington, USA as a two-man operation in an apartment rising to an international business, now headquartered in Mesa, AZ.